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Best Scholarships For Pakistani Students:-

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If you are a Pakistani student who needs financing for abroad, you are fortunate – a wide variety of international bonds can be pursued in several of the most popular study destinations around the world including the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

See below for a range of current options for Pakistani students in particular. If not you find many more bursaries here and you can read our full Guide to finding bonds exclusively for registered users for studying abroad. You will find many other bursaries here.

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Scholarships in multi-country:

  • Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan – Government Will become to study abroad in various countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France and other countries, especially at graduate level.
  • Fellowships in the Asia Foundation – A learning program for Asian students to increase their leadership and international exposure through their studies in the United States and Asia.
  • Punjab Pedagogical Endowment Fund (PEEF) PhD Foreign Scholarships – Pakistani Students Scholarships, covering tuition, room and board fees, airfare and health insurance in one of the top 50 universities in the Rankings® QS World Universität. You must not be over 35 and fulfil other requirements for eligibility.

To study in the UK:

  • Anne Marie Schimmel Scholarship – A bachelor's degree in any subject in the United Kingdom that a Pakistani woman is committed to returning to Pakistan in order to make a genuine contribution in its selected field.
  • University of Brunel London – London University Brunel University London provides country-specific bursary programmes to pakistani students at all levels of study, as well as bursaries to international students.
  • University of Bristol CELFS Academic Achievement bursary – A bond for Pakistani students who have completed an undergraduate programme in Bristol University at the International Foundation Program at the Center for English Languages and Foundation Studies (CELFS).
  • Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships – A UK charity that offers students, graduate researchers or visiting fellows in Pakistan doctoral students to study in the UK.
  • Scotland Salt Scholarships – Pakistani students' international scholarships for all levels of study in various universities in Scotland. The bonds focus on priority areas in the creative, living, technological, financial and renewable and clean energy sectors.
  • Bestway foundation bonds for Pakistani students to study the complete science, technology, engineering or mathematics programmed at the University of Kent. All applicants with an offer are automatically taken into account.
  • University of Birmingham Scholarships for Pakistani Students – A wide range of part-time scholarships, including the Pakistan Success Factor Outstanding Achievement Scholarships for undergraduates who have begun studying in Sept 2019, are available to Pakistani students both at the under- and graduate level.
  • Sheffield University – a range of Pakistani student undergraduate and graduate bonds to study in the UK at Sheffield University.
  • Sussex University Bursaries for Pakistan – A Pakistani student scholarship to study a full time master's degree at Sussex University and to get a £3,000 (US$3,900) reduction in tuition fees. The deadline for application is 1 August 2021-22 11:59 p.m. (GMT) Every Year.

To study in the US and Canada:

  • Golden Gate University Bita Daryabari Scholarship – A scholarship for female Middle Eastern students, including students from Pakistan, to study an MBA at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.
  • United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) – A range of fellowships for Pakistani students to study in the US at all study levels. You’ll need a strong level of academic achievement, and to be under 25 if applying for the Global Undergraduate Program.
  • Queen’s University Mehran Bibi Sheikh Memorial Entrance Scholarship – A scholarship awarded based on academic excellence, with preference given to Pakistani students. The university offers more international scholarships, able to browse on the same page. A Middle Eastern student scholarship to study an MBA at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, including students from Pakistan.
  • Educational Foundation of the United States in Pakistan (USEFP) – A range of bursaries for students in Pakistan to study at all levels in the United States. When you apply for the Global Undergraduate Program, you will require a high level of academic achievement and under 25 years.
  • University of Queen Bibi Sheik Memorial Entrance Scholarship – Mehran Bibi Sheik An academic excellence-based scholarship that gives Pakistani students preference. There are more global bursaries available on the University that are available on the same page.

To study in Australia:

  • International Student Excellence Scholarship at Griffith University - Highly qualified Nepalese or Pakistani students have graduate and graduate scholarship scholarships in Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.
  • International scholarships from University of Wollongong - Pakistani students are eligible for international bursaries from University of Wollongong, including the 2019 Bursary Scheme of the UOW Sydney Business School for a Masters in Business.

To study in Germany:

  • DAAD Bursarity(Scholarships) Database – A number of bursaries offered by the DAAD and other sources to Pakistani students for German study.

To study in Asia:

  • The Japanese Grant Assistance (JDS) Human Resource Development Aid Project – For students with a master's degree in English from an eligible Japanese university, 18 bursaries are available for Pakistani students.



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