No.1 Turkish Scholarship For Pakistani Students - Turkiye Burslari Scholarship

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 Turkish Scholarships For Pakistani Students

Today We will tell you About No. 1 Turkish Scholarship For Pakistani Students. This is turkiye Burslari scholarship for pakistani students. Also Searched as Turkiye Burslari Scholarship. 

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Turkiye Burslari Scholarship

What is Turkiye Burslari Scholarship?

1Türkiye Burslari Scholarship is a competitive financial aid Scholarship For Pakistani Students funded by the Government of Turkey For Pakistani Students.

2. It is granted to excellent students and researchers in Turkey to pursue full-time or short-term Degrees at leading universities in Turkey.

3. This Scholarship not only provides financial assistance, student fees, hostels and medical insurance To Pakistani Students but also offers its recipients/benefits of higher education universities and colleges residencies, social and economic facilities.

4. In the Before Republic Period as well as during the republic period, Turkey has opened its doors to all Pakistani Students.

5. And these Pakistani Students were awarded scholarships for highly regarded education.

6. Turkish Universities Scholarships For Pakistani Students are one of the best Fully Funded international Scholarships for Pakistani Students.

7. Turkish Scholarship programs provide multiple processes for study and Turkish language education to support scholars, researchers and public servants of Pakistan.

8. Türkiye Burslari Scholarship is a scholarship program that gives  financial support to Pakistani Students, guarantees Pakistani students university positioning in their intended application program.

9. It differs from other scholarships available worldwide with this functionality.

10. In addition to university education, it provides the Pakistani students with cultural, societal and  extra-curricular activities in Turkey.

11. Turkiye burslari Scholarship also helps you learn new backgrounds and skills that will bring you nearer to your professional life.

12. The turkiye burslari scholarship will only be offered to those Pakistani students who will study in Turkish universities and the Turkish Government will also cover the costs of education and living costs.

13. Turkey Universities offer nearly all fields of study, bachelor degree and masters degree and doctoral studies.

14. Turkey offers various academic financial aid Scholarships To Pakistani Students Every Year and offers excellent regional and global thousands of students the opportunity to study in Turkey's finest universities.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Benefits

Turkiye Burslari scholarship is fully funded education Scholarship for Pakistani students, covering all the Turkish University degree costs.

Turkiye Burslari scholarship funds for people applying outside Turkey the requirement of accommodation and medical insurance, transport and visa costs.

Turkiye Burslari scholarship Coverage

The Turkiye Burslari scholarship offers Free accommodation to Pakistani students without paying any fees within Turkish universities.

Pakistani  Students who do not wish to stay in a residence hall university can choose extra housing at their own cost.

Most health care costs for all Pakistani students are covered by health care insurance in Turkey. 

Medical care is a major global problem, particularly if your country of origin comes from a different nation like Pakistan. 

The Turkiye Burslari scholarship will provide once a flight ticket for arrival in Turkey To Pakistani Students and their exit after completion of their studies.

If the student will purchase a ticket personally, the amount will be paid back after that.

Those Pakistani  Students who are receiving the scholarship will receive a letter giving them the freedom to travel, at a very low country cost.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship gives Free facility To Pakistani Students To learn Turkish Language.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Benefits For Undergraduate Students


1. University and Hostel placement To Pakistani Students


2. Monthly Stipend For Pakistani Students: 800 TL per month


3. Tuition Fee Coverage [Full]


4. Once-off Return Flight Ticket For Every Pakistani Student


5. Health Insurance to every Student


6. Accommodation For Every Student


7. One year Turkish Language Course [Free For Pakistani Students]


Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Benefits For Post Graduate Students


1. Monthly Stipend For Master’s: 1,100 TL per month


2. Monthly Stipend For PhD: 1,600 TL per month


3. Tuition Fee Coverage [Free Study For Pakistani Students]


4. Once-off Return Flight Ticket For Pakistani Students


5. Health Insurance [Free For Pakistani Students]


6. Accommodation Free


7. One year Turkish Language Course Free of Cost

8. University and Hostel Placement [Free]

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Requirements


Eligibility Criteria of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is;


1. Must be Citizen of Pakistan


2. Must Have CNIC/B-Form Copy


3. Must Have Graduate Degree or Certificate


4. Must be qualified from HEC recognized institute


5. Must have Good CGPA in Academics


6. Must have Good Physical Condition


7. No English Requirement

8. Must Have Cleared from 12th , if Applying For Undergraduate


9. Must Have Cleared from Graduation , if Applying For Post Graduation [Masters & PhD]


General Questions Asked by Pakistani Students


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Application Form

Dear Pakistani Students, Do Not worry , You can Easily Download the Application Form of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship From Their Official Website or from the Website of HEC Pakistan.

For More Details: Please Click Here


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance Rate For Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is 95% For Pakistani Students Because All Turkish institutes welcome Pakistani Students From heart and there are Bundle of Seats available in Turkiye Burslari Scholarship.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Amount

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Amount For Undergraduate Students is 800TL per Month. [14,419.29 Pakistani Rupees]

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Amount For Masters Students is 1100TL per Month. [19,826.53 Pakistani Rupees]

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Amount For PhD Students is 1600TL per Month. [28,835.59 Pakistani Rupees]


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Address

Hahaha, A Funny Question asked by Pakistani Students, But Answer is the Address For Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is All Public Universities of Turkey.

Web Address:


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Announcement

The Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Announcement is made Every Year. This Year, The Announcement for this Scholarship was made in January 2021.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Age Limit

There is No Age Limit For Turkiye Burslari Scholarship. But Standard Age Limit is applied To Every Field of Study.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Application Portal/Application Manual

The Application Portal or Application Manual For Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Remains Open all the year. Any Student can enroll himself/herself in this amazing Scholarship Anytime but standard Selection starts at specified Months.

For More Details: Please Click Here


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Contact

For queries and inquiries related to Tukiye Burslari Scholarship, please contact them through their communication channels listed below.
Türkiye Scholarships Contact

0 850 455 0 982
Türkiye Scholarships E-mail address:
Türkiye Scholarships Address: 

Oğuzlar Mah. Mevlana Bulvari No: 145 P.K 06520 Balgat, ANKARA / TÜRKİYE


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Courses

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship offers A lot of Courses in Following Fields of Study;

1. Bachelors Degree Courses

2. Masters Degree Courses

3. PhD [Doctorate] Degree Courses

For Checking Your Choice of Course or Field: Please Click Here


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Coverage

The Coverage of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is 100%. Turkiye Burslari Scholarship offers Fully Funded Coverage. It Covers all Expenses of Students.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Deadline/Last Date

The Deadline / Last Date To Apply For Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is January of Every Year. So in the Starting of every year , You must be ready to Apply For this Amazing Scholarship for free study in Turkey. Usually, The Application ends in February.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Details

The Complete Details of of Turkiye Scholarship are easily available on 786 Scholarships. Just Search on Google about 786 Scholarships, and navigate to Turkiye Burslari Scholarship.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Evaluation Process

Guys, if we talk about the Evaluation Process, this is very Simple. The Evaluation Process of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Starts in January of Every year. Basic Evaluation Process of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Starts in Feb-May after the Short listing of Students.

For More Details : Please Click Here


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Experiance

Yes, if we talk about the experience of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship, its one of the amazing experiences among Pakistani Students. According to already enrolled Pakistani Students in the different universities of turkey, the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship offers More Advantages to Pakistani Students as Compared to other Scholarships.

For More Details: Please Click Here


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Guide

The Complete Guide of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is available on the Official website of Turkiye Burslari and Also Available on the Platform of 786 Scholarships.

For More Details/Guide: Please Click Here


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Girls

The Turkiye Burslari Scholarship For Girls is also one of the most important feature of this Scholarship. Yes, Girls can also Apply For Turkiye Burslari Scholarship.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship Government

Yes, The Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is a Government Scholarship because this scholarship is under the control of Government of Turkey. Turkish Governmental institutes are responsible for controlling this scholarship.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship How To Apply

The Application Process of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is online. The Application Process is very simple. Before Applying, Be careful in reading the instructions. Kindly Click Here To Visit the Official Page for Applying Directly.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship HEC

A lot of Students want to know that Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is affiliated with HEC [Higher Education Commission of Pakistan] or Not? Guys be happy because the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is Connected with HEC Pakistan.


How To Win Turkiye Burslari scholarship

My Dear Pakistani Students, You can win Turkiye Burslari Scholarship by Applying with Good Academic Scores [Good CGPA] and with high Intellectual Performance. Because Turkey is Focusing on Highly Talented Students. They Do not Focus on Ratta Based Marks.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship interview

The interviews For Turkiye Burslari Scholarship will be held after the final Academic Selection of Candidates. This Process usually starts in March after the Completion of Online entry of Students. The Short listed Students are called for interview online via Skype or other platform. Usually, the Interview Period of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Starts From March To June Every year.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship interview Questions

1. Why Do You want To Study in Turkey?

2. What is your Goal in Life?

3. How Much you have achieved in Previous Studies?

4. What is your Daily Routine?

5. What will you  do if you are rejected?

6. Are you Applying first time?

7. Why have you selected only Turkey for Studies?

8. What you think about Education of Women in our Society?

9. Why have you selected this field of Study?

10. What will you do After Studying in Turkey?


Turkiye Burslari scholarship IsDB

Yes, Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is also Affiliated with IsDB [Islamic Development Bank] Scholarships. Because this Scholarship is not only for Turkish or Pakistani Students, it is also for all countries of IsDB-Islamic Development Bank.


Turkiye Burslari scholarship interview Tips

1. Please prepare well at home for your introduction.

2. 80% of your interview is judged in the first 10 minutes.

3. You will not be able to pick points at that time.

4. Self-introduction means yourself and not your relatives introduction. 

5. None the less, there's nothing at which to be concerned.

6. The dressing is very important.

7. The first impression is definitely the last impression.

8. Don't be Heavy booted.

9. Don't be Too much dressed.

10. Don't be businesslike.

11. Don't be Highly dressy.

12. In your dressing, don't use anything Extra ordinary.

13. Avoid jeans that are skin-tight.

14. You can use a three-piece, well pressed. 

15. If attained well, you may be congratulated on your clothing.


Guys in This Article We Tried our best To Tell you Everything About Turkish Scholarships For Pakistani Students. Guys if You Still have Any Question or Query Related To Scholarships For Pakistani Students in Turkey, You can ask without any Hesitation. You can ask directly in the Comment Section or You can Contact us via Contact Page.

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